Holzpellets & Holzbriketts

Bedding Wood Pellets

Wood pellets are perfect suitable as bedding for your stables. Highest absorbency ensures a dry and at the same time an elastic / joint-friendly ground, which is able to avoid often occurring hooves-illness. Less dust-exposure as by straw and chipping prevent allergies and respiratory diseases.

For you a quick and flexible delivery within a few days makes the efficient storage possible. The wood-pellets, which are packed in neutral 15 kg bags or Big Bags, guarantee a simple handling and drastically reduce the time-span during muck out of the stable.

The wood-pellets are distinguished especially through the following qualities:

  • High softwood-percentage from heart-wood / no shavings
  • Completely bio-degradable
  • compostable
  • High absorbency
  • Reduction of unpleasant smell of ammoniac
  • Improved climate in the stable
  • Lower storage-volume
  • Cost-efficient alternative to straw and chippings

Simple Handling:

First time basic-material with approx. 13-15 bags each 15kg
then according to the requirement every 3-4 days approx. 1 bag.

Product Image

Bedding wood pellets

15 kg bag Bedding wood pellets