Holzpellets & Holzbriketts

Wood Pellets according to the requirements EN 14588 (as of 2010) for Premium Pellets

Wood pellets are standardised cylindrical pressed articles, which are produced from dried, natural finished wood. Our wood-pellets are produced under high pressure and without binding materials and additives.

The wood pellets are usually 10 – 40 mm long. They are environmentally friendly, economical and comfortable, one cubic meter of these pellets have a weight of approx. 650 kg and is equates to 325 litre of heating-oil.

We are offering:

Premium certified wood pellets

Reg. DE359

  • Wood pellets Premium in blank 15 kg PE bags
  • Wood pellets in Premium Quality of the brand "PEP Energie" in labelled 15 kg bags
  • Wood pellets in Premium Quality in big bags each approx. 1000 kg
  • Wood pellets in bulk blown in or tilted (German Biofuel Trading does not charge for the service of blown-in)

Actual Analyse-certifications you can see in the column Certificates

Here to the certificates

For customers with suitable constructions for industrial pellets we can offer delivery via truck, train or vessel. Please ask here for more information: info@german-biofuel.de

Heat-value for wood pellets

The heating-value is related to the non-gaseous form of the fuel before and after the burning.

The heat-value of the wood-pellets is official standardised to 5kWh, consequently 1 kg wood-pellets are equal to half a litre of heating-oil.

Therefore 2 kg wood-pellets (1 kg wood-pellets = 5kWh) have a heat-value of 1 litre heating-oil ( 1 l heating-oil = 10 kWh)

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PEP-Energy in 15 kg bags

PEP-Energy pallet

Certified goods DIN Plus

in bulk