Holzpellets & Holzbriketts

Pine Briquettes

This pine-wood briquette is pressed from pure pine-chippings by approx. 650 bar. The pleasant smell of wood and the wonderful picture of flames make the pine-briquettes to the first-class substitute for normal split logs.

A very goods heating-value of approx. 4,8 kWh/kg, a flame-period of approx. 1 hour and a glaze-period of approx. 2 hours, depending of the air-supply, round up the picture.

The briquette has the measurement of approx. 30cm length and a diameter of approx. 9cm.

On each non-returnable pallet are 95 single welded packets 10,5kg each (5 briquettes) that means 1000kg net.

Product Images

Pine Briquettes

Pine in foil

on pallet