Holzpellets & Holzbriketts


Due to constant increased demand on our products, we have decided to invest in a new filling machine. Therefore since August 2011 we are able to offer you wood-pellets in a new bag-design with all usual labelling of bags or even to fill the goods in your own bags.

To our range belong among others:

  • wood-pellets in 15kg bags of a diameter of 6mm brand “PEP-Energie”
  • wood-pellets in big bags each approx. 1000kg selectively with a diameter of 6 or 8mm
  • wood-pellets with a diameter of 6 mm in bulk in silo-truck, walking floor or tip-truck
  • Industrial-pellets with various diameters in bulk or in big bags of 1000 kg
  • Pini Kay Oak- Briquettes
  • RUF mixed-wood Briquettes
  • Pine-Briquettes
  • Oak-Briquettes
  • Allow yourself a view behind the scenes:

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